Christian Education for All Ages


In the past year, our Christian Formation Program for Children and Youth has been ‘on hiatus’ as we try to discover the best way to grow our children in the Way of Jesus.  For busy families, it has become much more difficult to commit to weekly worship and Sunday School so we are looking at other options for Christian Formation.  While we ponder and pray about this, please know that families of all kinds AND children of all ages and stages are welcome to our 10 AM worship service. There are activity bags for kids to use and we don’t mind if the wiggle and giggle …after, God made them that way! And we love it! 

Adult Education

At St. Andrew’s, we believe Christian Education is not just for kids. Faith is a journey that takes a lifetime. Our desire is to offer a variety of programs that encourage adults to deepen their relationship with Christ and to “walk the talk” with courage and enthusiasm each day.